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Wednesday, 04 July 2012 04:25

Friends with Benefits…Can it Work?

Jump off, side piece and friends with benefits (FWB) are just some of the latest terms that give the word ‘friend’ a whole new meaning when it comes to non-committed relationships. Not that these situations are new under the sun…they just appear to be quite popular in today’s complex world of dating. And it’s not just a situation that women enter into contrary to popular belief. But can these type of ‘see-you-when-I-see-you’ arrangements work and does anyone really win? First let’s examine the terms. Jump off can be defined a number ways but perhaps the more evident definition is known as a ‘one-night-stand’. Side piece is what it is…people who become involved with people who are known to be committed or exclusive with someone else. Last but not least is ‘friends with benefits’ and like jump off, this term has varying meanings. It’s first necessary to understand that friends with benefits does not just equate to free or non-committed sex. Friends with benefits can often be an arrangement where two people agree to share finances, living space, conversations and other things all without being in an exclusive relationship. It’s meant to be hassle-free and on an ‘as-needed’ basis. It is…
Wednesday, 04 July 2012 04:04

It’s Just Dating

Hopefully you will have a renewed sense of the term “dating” after reading this article. You already know that in today’s world it can be as complex as graduating from law school. But it shouldn’t be nor does it have to be. With magazines, books and blogs from every end of the spectrum giving their take on the popular subject, we are simplifying things for you. First let’s end a couple of dating myths. Ladies, if you wear a yellow dress and red shoes on the first date, it will not make the man want you more or less. Fellas, if you opt to go without cologne on the first outing, you may still have a chance with the lady. The definition of a date is when two people agree to meet at a specific time and place to share space, thoughts, ideas, conversation, food, drinks and laughs. Usually attraction and like-interests prompt the initial encounter. Think of it as a job interview. Employers post jobs and then several people apply for the position. Employers will read a variety of resumes and select the individuals who best fit their needs to interview. It is rare that employers call just one…
Monday, 02 July 2012 20:40

Seasonal Love

By Cornell C. Batie and Leslie J. Griffin Will Smith's hip hop classic Summertime sums up the season perfectly: Summertime is the time to "sit back and unwind." It is a time to get out, chill and hang with family and friends. But what is it about the season that affects relationship behaviors? It appears that during the brisk and cold months most couples become closer – human snuggies even! However, no sooner than the warm months arrive, some partners tend to head for the hills and opt for freedom. This phenomenon begs the question: Is it something in the air? Is there a mechanism that clicks within some that begs for brief summer flings? Is it the excitement of something new or is it a personal choice? To avoid the trap of strategic arguments that are in sync with the climate change, couples must not ignore signs of trouble and should be prepared to make some tough decisions. Here are a few tips to "weather-proof" your realtionship this summer: Take it slow. Be careful to never rush into any situation. Be proactive and upfront. Clearly communicate your expectations to your mate or potential mate. Cultivating a relationship should be…
Monday, 02 July 2012 20:37

Relationship Conditions

By Cornell C. Batie and Leslie J. Griffin In life there are conditions with just about everything we do. Job conditions dictate if you show up for work you will be compensated and if you do not you'll be dismissed. Education conditions have proven when you study you more than likely learn and when you do not learning escapes. Health conditions reveal when you put good into your body - good will be the outcome. We could go on, but you get the point. When it comes to relationships whether dating, exclusivity or marriage, as much as some of us believe we love our mates unconditionally, there are actually some conditions. Some of those conditions could be communication, finances, faith, non-smoker, work, number of children, health or whatever. There are certain values, ideals and principles that each person may hold dear to them and that they deem important for a relationship to potentially exist or continue. Let's get one thing straight for the record...conditions are not bad. Healthy conditions…that is. In fact they can be very important and actually help support and sustain the relationship. An example of a healthy condition would be communication. You've heard it a million times…
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