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AJ Williams, FrontPage Web Editor

AJ Williams, FrontPage Web Editor

AJ Williams: Web/Social Media Editor/Columnist/Writer for the Michigan Chronicle, FRONTPAGE Detroit and Praise Connect Detroit. She's a local media personality who has worked with Mason Radio on 107.5 FM, host of The MIXX TV Show with UDetroit and producer of the "The LovEXperience Series for ARCH Executives. Under her personal brand "I AM AJ Williams" she provides voiceovers and talk show formats including hosting and interviewing.




Wednesday, 09 January 2013 20:44

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Tuesday, 08 January 2013 17:32

The Jesus List

I was recently thinking of a previous episode of Oprah on which she was helping a 41-year-old woman find a date. This woman was fairly attractive, successful, no children and had never been married. During the course of the show Oprah asked her to make a list of the attributes she was looking for in a prospective date. 

The woman began to list a variety of items, one that included that the man could not drink out of a straw, because she felt that it showed a lack of masculinity. After reading over the list Oprah responded with a statement that rang true in my own head. She asked the woman did she feel that the man on her list existed. The woman responded "No", Oprah in turn replied, "yes, he does exist, his name is Jesus".

After the show I began to ponder my own list of demands, wants and requirements and began to question do I have a Jesus list and for some of the woman I know do they even have a list at all. Often times as women we do want to have a man that is good looking, rich, sensitive, a beast in the bedroom, can anticipate my needs, knows my thoughts, can cook, knows how to dress and speak with elegance, and get sexy with mad swag....Oh, I'm sorry that is my list. 

Seriously speaking in most long-term relationships the cliché saying is true you only will get 80% of what you need a relationship and if you are getting better than that, you are blessed and highly favored. That being said we as women have to stop looking for our own Jesus list of a man and realize that God has blessed the world with some wonderful men that although not perfect, can indeed allow God to love us through them if we began to focus on what really matters. 

Now, I have been a victim to the fine line of settling and just being too high maintenance in what I look for in a man, so I have taken some time to determine some things that I think is true for me and maybe even for you. There are needs and wants, and everyone's is different. For example, Emotional security is #1 on my list and is a definite deal breaker for me, however, another woman I know, financial security is # 1 for her and then another Sexual security is key. (Yes, men there is a thing know as Sexual security, and it is not what you think, however that is a subject of a different blog). 

This does not mean that for me the other two (Financial security or Sexual security) is not important or deal breakers for me, but that is not my # 1 deal breaker. Often times we miss out on a potentially good man, because we have too many standards and are not filtering out the things that in the long term are going to be what is good for us. Trust me when I say, I do not believe in lower your standards or settling, but there is a vast difference between high standards and impossibilities. Take the time today, to write a list of everything you want and need. Then take the time to self reflect and determine what is your top 5 things you cannot and will not live without in a relationship, I would love to hear your list, thoughts, comments and compare. Hey, it's just MY Perspective.

Love and Blessings,


Sources have been reporting and now it has been confirmed that Legendary African American Female Radio Host, Frankie Darcell of the well-known “Afternoon Mix” has been terminated from WMXD-FM-92.3. According to the Detroit Free Press, Clear Channel Media and Entertainment market president Nick Gaun confirmed Darcell’s termination.

Frankie Darcell's radio show has been a constant over the Detroit radio waves, airing weekdays, 3-7 p.m. and 1-4 p.m. on Sundays. Although, not confirmed other radio sources are citing other terminations are possibly in the process. Stay connected with FRONTPAGEDetroit.com for all the latest updates on this breaking story.

Thursday, 06 December 2012 18:12



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Monday, 12 November 2012 05:45

FRONTPAGE Detroit 11/7/12

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Monday, 12 November 2012 05:36

FRONTPAGE Detroit 10/17/12

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Monday, 12 November 2012 05:17

FRONTPAGE Detroit 10/10/12

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