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Sunday, 11 November 2012 09:00

Break Out Of The Box Featured

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Who told you that you canʼt make it? Whatʼs holding you back and stopping you from
moving forward? You canʼt let what people say to and about you, push you off the path
of your purpose. You are your only competition. Make a decision to be the best YOU
that YOU can be!

How can you be the best, if you donʼt make adjustments? There is no growth without
change. There are certain things that we need to break away from, so that we can
breakthrough. Yes, old habits die hard but if you donʼt build good habits, then the bad
oneʼs will stifle your progress.

We must make the necessary changes to improve our health, relationships, and overall
lifestyle. However, no changes will be made, if we donʼt change the way that we think.
The way that youʼre thinking has everything to do with where youʼre going, whether it be
forward or backward.

Thereʼs an old school song that says, "youʼve got me going in circles...round and round I
go." This world is designed to keep you reaching but never attaining, just going in circles
but never making any forward progress. Break free from drama, depression, negativity,
bitterness, and strife. Break away from unhealthy and toxic relationships that are
polluting your life.

Youʼre too special and significant to reduce yourself and succumb to the negative
controls around you. It takes a resilient mind to make the quantum leap and break away
from everything, thatʼs trying to break you down. When youʼre dead, theyʼre going to put
you in a box, but since youʼre alive itʼs time to break out of the box!

God gave you a gift, now use it! Refuse to let people steal your joy, serenity, and
strength. A knock down is only a knockout, if you stay down. Get up, shake yourself,
and get back in the fight. Break out of the box and bless the world with everything that
God gave you.

The world is waiting for you to reveal the best of everything thatʼs inside of you. Blast
past your past, because whatʼs ahead of you is far greater than whatʼs behind you.
Move forward and break out!

Eddie Connor


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