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Sunday, 16 December 2012 09:00

Go For It! Featured

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This is your week for open doors and opportunities! It's time to launch out and make your dreams a reality. When will you start the business, go back to school, write the song, develop your ideas, and do what they say could never be done?

I'm excited about your future! No matter how dark the day, your darkest moment can still be your brightest hour! There are still enough days in this year, for it to be the best year of your life. As long as there's time on the clock, the game isn't over!

This is a WAKE UP call! Like a blaring alarm clock in the morning or a DJ scratching the needle on a record, hear me clearly, "DON'T deviate from your destiny." It's time to resurrect your resilience within, to push and press towards your purpose.

Where is your bulldog determination to rise above your situation? Milton Berle declared, "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door." If opportunity isn't given to you, then it's time to create an opportunity to succeed. Use your creative mind to think positive amidst negativity. Stop waiting on things to happen and begin to make things happen. This is YOUR time to shine. This is YOUR hour of power.

God has gifted you to be GREAT and good enough just won't do. Realize this, you have inner power that you haven't used yet. ACTIVATE IT! The greatest part of you can't be seen with the eyes. Dig deep within the soil of your soul and bless the world with your inner value.

As we advance towards 2013, it's time to birth, build, and breakthrough any and all barriers! Be determined to keep moving forward. Don't let anyone or anything stop you're from moving forward in your future. Refuse to live as a victim and become victorious!

Elevate your mind in order to manifest your mission. Be determined to let nothing stop you. Be inspired to overcome and let nothing block you, from the finish line of your future. Get up, get out, and Go For It!

Eddie Connor



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