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Sunday, 23 December 2012 09:00

Shut The Door! Featured

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Back in the day as a kid, I vividly remember walking into my mother's house on freezing winter days and hearing her say, "shut the door all the way and don't let the heat out." Some of the simplest words you hear as a kid, takes on a new meaning as an adult.

The simple statement "shut the door" can be applied to not only the temperature, but also the climate of our circumstances. Certain things in our lives have frozen us out of the bright future that we seek to attain. Before you open the door to a new year of opportunity, you have to shut the door on toxic relationships, bad habits, and negative thoughts that keep you going in circles never making forward progression.

There is a door of opportunity that God wants you to step into, but it comes at the expense and even the pain of shutting the door on your past. Shut the door on relationships that have kept you discombobulated, depressed, and defeated. It's simple to say, but it takes focus to do it. Shut the door and let go of negative thinking and low self-esteem. You have a gift inside of you that can turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

Your past is not a crutch, that you can use to limp into your future. You can't walk or run into your future, if you're crippled by your past. When you free your mind, your future becomes a byproduct of your thought process. Remember that what's ahead of you is far greater than what's behind you.

The coldness of the world has infiltrated our mind and spirit, to the point that our dreams are frozen by fear and unbelief. Some of our relationships are frozen, due to past hurt and hardship.

Many of our lives are at a standstill, making no forward progression. Some people have left you out in the cold through broken promises, forsaking you in a time of need, or walking out of your life. You can't afford to be BITTER because BETTER is coming. Don't allow the pain of your past, to put an ice box where your heart used to be.

God's love and self-love is strong enough to overcome apathy, bitterness, and hatred.
Rejection is redirection, positioning you on the path of purpose. Every "NO" that you've been told only means "New Opportunity." You have to look at the negative, positively and adjust your thinking towards victory and opportunity.

Stop exposing yourself to the elements of negativity, apathy, and calamity. Shut the door of depression and step into a new place of peace. Shut the door of low self-esteem and step into a new place of self-love and serenity. If people can't ADD to your value, then SUBTRACT them from your life.

The past is a prison, but your future is freedom. Today make a decision to shut the door on everything that's holding you back, from becoming who you were created to be. Your future is an open door that awaits you. Shut the door, don't look back, move forward, and open the door to your destiny!

Eddie Connor


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